SQL Document Database with Full History

Endatabas is an open source immutable database. We hope you will enjoy building with Endatabas as much as you enjoyed writing your first program.

Endatabas is now in Beta. Read the One-Page Executive Summary.

For more information, please contact us at hello@endatabas.com.

-- store documents without CREATE TABLE
  {text: "Here is some classic material",
   user: "George",
   send_at: 2024-02-25T08:30:00Z,
   media: [{type: "image", src: "dsm.png"},
           {type: "video", src: "vldb.mp4"}]};

-- retrieve documents with path expressions
SELECT user, media FROM msgs
  WHERE msgs..type MATCH 'video';

-- travel through time
  FOR SYSTEM_TIME AS OF 1985-10-26;

Immutable Data and Temporal Query

2.2.1 The importance of access to past states

In human memory, no deletion mechanism exists […] Although human memory exhibits a decay characteristic, people do not delete. The deletion concept was invented to reuse expensive computer storage.

SQL: Forever Young

Q1. Find the names of employees in the toy department.


SEQUEL presents the user with a consistent template for expression of simple queries.

Dynamic and Semi-Structured Records

Clearly, a database system that easily accommodates irregular data and changes in structure would greatly facilitate the rapid integration of heterogeneous databases.

Relational Database as a Service

Future users of large data banks must be protected from having to know how the data is organized in the machine (the internal representation).

I'm Steven. I started programming for fun in 1993 and professionally in 1996. I enjoy building teams as much as creating systems. Previously, I founded nilenso.

I live in Canada and India.

I'm Håkan. I started programming for fun in 1984 and professionally in 1998. I enjoy writing clear and terse Rust and Lisp. Previously, I was the architect of XTDB.

I live in Sweden.